Skeletons Dance, Hug, And Kiss In Front Of This Crowd. When They Step Out? I Can’t Stop Smiling!

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by shaun.mcclendon.7

While many people around the world think they are unprejudiced, without even knowing it a lot of us make snap judgements instantly when we see somebody unconsciously. Whether it’s gender, race, age, disability, or religion these subconscious biases affect us all. Many people in the United States feel that they have been discriminated against in their life.

This subconscious prejudice can have profound implications for how we interact, view and treat people who don’t look like us. This can cause people to not be able to get jobs, loans, an apartment or even a fair trial. The following video tries to shine light on this problem and challenges us to view our subconscious prejudices and try to make a change. We must remember love has no labels and we need to treat all people the way we want to be treated.

The world is full of diversity and we need to embrace our differences instead of rejecting and denying them. If we could all just love each other this world would be such a wonderful place. Enjoy this eye-opening video.

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