Little Girl Pleads With Mom To Be Friends With Her Daddy.

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by lena.pytlak

Tiana is melting the hearts of everyone when she hears her Mom in an argument with her Dad. She’s only six-years-old but has wisdom that so sweetly spoken that not only brought her Mom to tears, but nearly everyone who hears her. She begins by asking her Mom is she’s ready to be Dad’s friend. She wants her Mom to try her best. She says, “I don’t want you and my Dad to be replaced and be meanies again. I want you and my Dad to be placed as settled and be friends. I just want everyone to be friends.”

She wants Mommy to “settle her mean heights down to short heights.” One of her sweetest lines is “. . .I’m trying to do my best in my heart, nothing else than that. I want you Mom, my Dad, everyone to be friends. I want everyone to be smiling.” Mom says this video brought her to tears, and it is easy to see why. Children have a way of getting into our hearts like no one else can. Though Tiana is young, she has some words of wisdom everyone can remember to live by. What a sweet little girl!

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